Creation Tool- Lightshot

Our Class Reflection blog post theme this week was to choose an unfamiliar and interesting content and creation tool and to overview and review it; including its strengths and weaknesses, and weather or not it would be a good tool for teachers.

I started off really excited to try out Puppet Pals; so I tried to download it on my husband’s Samsung tablet but it was not offered through GooglePlay. I went to my computer and downloaded the Puppet Pals combo pack for roughly ten dollars…. and I could not get it to work. Apparently, it only works on Ipads and new Iphones- I have neither. Whoopspuppet-pals

However, it all worked out because I then decided on the Chrome extension Lightshot. I chose this creation tool because I feel like it would be very useful in my Learning Project and it was free. I had already thrown ten bucks out the window!

I found Lightshot very easy to install and it took only seconds to download. After it was downloaded, I tried it out on my Learning Project blog and it was pretty neat. There is an icon on the upper right hand side that looks like a purple feather.  I click on the icon and the whole screen turns dark with “select area” in white, using my mouse I made a little box that I could size and pick what I wanted to crop out. After cropping, the options to manipulate the picture include; pen, line, arrow, rectangle, marker (lighter and larger than the pen), text (makes a text box), colour, and undo.

While this creation tool is easy to use, it only works within the Chrome screen and will not work on the tabs or the whole computer screen. I wanted to show you a picture of the purple feather, but I could not. It also saves to downloads, which is a little bit inconvenient.

I feel like this tool would be beneficial to teachers because you can take any part of a website page, leaving material that is not relevant or appropriate. I will be using this creation tool often and I look forward to the opportunities it will allow me to do within my blog.

Thanks for reading!


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Edmodo and the PLN connection

What is Edmodo? How will it contribute to my PLN (professional learning network) and how will it contribute to my student’s PLN?

Edmodo is a social media site with an educational focal point. It is set up just like Facebook so teachers and students will feel very comfortable in the space and should be able to navigate it quite easily. Within Edmodo; students, teachers, and parents can connect, share ideas and expertise, help problem solve and share knowledge. It is a safe way for students to start their PLN. Edmodo creates a space where everyone participating will both learn and contribute to learning; this is a large part of one’s PLN.

This would be very helpful within a classroom because it would widen my PLN by connecting to students and parents. There are many tools within Edmodo that would help my understanding of what students and parents are looking for and expecting. For example, there is an option to use a poll. I feel like this would be a wonderful tool to understand what interests the users. However, I have recently realized that not all parents are actively engaged in their kids education. We had a “one school, one book” program at my daughter’s school, and I was appalled at how few families participated.

I feel like the students would really benefit from using a tool like Edmodo because it gives them the space to share their ideas, pictures, etc. without all of the inappropriate nonsense and false news that Facebook often has filling its pages. My little sister recently got Facebook and

A picture my 11 year old little sister painted from the YouTube by "Cinnamon"

A picture my 11 year old little sister painted from the YouTube by “Cinnamon”

I love to see what she has to say and what she is doing; this might be another option if she (and other students, our family, etc)  could share her art projects and everyday activities on a format like Edmodo so that the rest of us could see and comment on her progress! She has contributed to my PLN because she has taken a real interest in the popular paint nights that have popped up all over the place, but she has found a Youtube channel that can teach her from home! What an amazing personal learning project for her!!! I look forward to watching her artist skills grow as she continues to practice and communicate my interest by commenting on her pictures.

I will definitely try to use a platform like Edmodo (or whatever is available when I start teaching) as a way of communicating with students and parents; as well as a tool to help the students start their own PLN.

Thanks for reading!


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Plan of attack

Hey there!

What a gorgeous week we have had! Amilee has been really enjoying playing outside in the snow this week and Freya has been loving all the fresh air and sleigh rides!

Amilee and Freya riding in the sled on the way to skating!

Amilee and Freya riding in the sled on the way to skating!

I have been spending a lot of my quiet nursing times thinking about what I should do for  a learning project this semester. I really want to do something that puts me out of my comfort zone a little bit, but more than that I want to be able to use the tool I have learned and bring it into the classroom with me. So that had me thinking, what kind of teacher am I really going to be?

Should I teach myself piano? I could be the teacher who gathers her kids to sing, and that would be lovely. Should I teach myself to sew, and teach my kids how to make little projects? I finally decided I would like to be the type of teacher who includes yoga into her daily routine for her kids. I know there are tons of benefits of yoga and kids and I am excited to find it!

Amilee really enjoys yoga; she likes to watch YouTube videos such as this one below. When I asked her which one was her favourite, she said “the Elsa one” and then she said “no, I like to do them all!”

We also have a yoga studio in Carlyle, The Lotus Tree, where they have kids yoga available. I have only taken Amilee to one session because it is on the same day she also has skating; but she really loved it. It was really high energy, which I was surprised at.

I am looking forward to learning about, and sharing, the techniques and benefits of yoga for kids.

Bye for now,


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New Years Resolutions- 3 Goals for ECMP 455

I am back!

We had a wonderful holiday season filled with too much food, just the right amount of wine, and lots of love and gifts! We spent our Christmas with my husband’s parents out at their farm, we had a really good time. It was nice to keep it low key for a change!

Christmas at my house on December 22 2016 L-R Mike and Freya, Sandra (my stepmom), My Dad (Gary), Kali, and Alexsa (my sisters)

Christmas at my house on December 22 2016
Mike and Freya, Sandra (my stepmom), My Dad (Gary), Kali, and Alexsa (my sisters)

Christmas Eve at the Waelchlis

Christmas Eve at the Waelchlis

I am excited to get back into routine. My eldest daughter, Amilee, is back in Kindergarten, skating, and piano. She is working very hard for the ice show at the beginning of March and her piano festival at the end of March!

I feel like I really grew last semester with my knowledge of technology and I am eager to see what this semester has in store! There are a few things that I wish I would have done better last semester such as commenting on others blog posts and Tweeting. You can find my Twitter profile here!

This semester I have made some goals that I feel will be challenging but will help me become more involved and accountable. This document is meant to help me evaluate myself at the end of the semester.

Microsoft Word Document to help keep track of my weekly goals

My goals are to blog twice a week; once for the learning project and once for our class reflections; to tweet 5X a week; and to read and comment on 3 other classmates blogs.

Until next time,




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How I contribute to the learning of others, and my personal learning network

I feel as though there as much value (or more) in learning from others as there is in teaching others. I started with such a low competency of technology that I cannot believe how I could have helped anyone further their understanding of it; sometimes in class I was googling terms just to keep up. Any reference to the Pokemon game thingy? Yup, lost me.  I am so happy that I decided to take ECMP 355 because Alec and the rest of the class have really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am so much more knowledgeable in technology now. I feel like this class will help to make me a more engaging teacher (and mother!).

I really enjoyed reading the blogs. I have to admit that some were more interesting to me than others and I definitely followed some people more closely than others. However, it was great to see such  varied interests in such a small group. I was also surprised how many people picked knitting! 

This was the most I have ever participated in Twitter. I was very intimidated by it; but I found it pretty interesting. I participated in #saskedchat; I found meeting the different teachers and their perspectives very interesting, but I also found the format of the conversation difficult to follow at times. I also found a lot of teachers to follow on Twitter and shared and commented on their tweets to keep for future reference.  I also promoted my blog by posting on Twitter when I put up a new post.



So while I know this blog is meant to be focused around how I contribute to the learning of others, I want to make a special mention on how I feel it is more fluid than that- I feel like learning has a more “eb and flow” to it. I have learned so much from Amilee and she has also learned so much from me. Amilee has a completely different personality than I do, I am often amazed as how outgoing she is; I was always much more shy and reserved as a small child (and still am). I also did not like to be too far away from my mom at any moment, this has really never been an issue for her. In my opinion, being a mom is the best job in the world because I get to teach my kids about everything, see them grow and learn, and become little people. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to become a teacher and be able to help other children grow and learn.

Thank you for reading my blog posts!

Merry Christmas!


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Summary of my Learning Project!


My first Arm Knitting project for Ami!

When given the opportunity to teach myself a new skill I had a few barriers. What can I do with a newborn, only days after a Cesarean? Not a lot! I decided on arm knitting- and I am really happy that I did! Knitting has always been something that I had wanted to try, if I had the time. I am really proud of how far I have come, and I have learned everything from the internet!


My second try at Arm Knitting a scarf!

My first project was a scarf for my daughter, Amilee. It took me a long time to figure out how to cast on the stitches, but as soon as I got that it was pretty easy! I tried a couple different YouTube videos but the Simply Maggie tutorials I found to be the best! I wanted to start off with something very small in case the baby needed something; and I really was not sure what I was getting myself into!

My second project was a scarf for for my friend, Katie, it was made with one skein of wool. I followed this tutorial. It took me a fairly long time; I had to stop and nurse Freya a couple of times during so it was nice to have my husband, Mike, nearby. This was a step up from my first scarf because it took a lot more time and wool.


The wool I used for my third scarf


My third scarf

The third project I made for myself! I used two skeins of wool, not one like previously, and I feel like this made a really large scarf and I do not think I would use two skeins and such a large wool; it is slightly hard to wear with a winter jacket. However, I do feel like it was my best attempt at a scarf up to date. I had also made it to Micheals in Regina and bought myself a fairly good collection of wool. It was pretty interesting buying wool, there are so many different types of wool for different projects.



My fourth Arm Knitting Project

While I was in Micheals I found the most beautiful wool that I knew my Auntie Connie would love so I decided that I would make her a blanket for my fourth project! It was definitely a project that I had to commit a lot of time to because you use your entire arms to make the blanket big enough. As the wool was amazingly soft and warm, it was also extremely hot to work with! I was very impressed with myself that I knit a blanket, though I did stop half was through and unravel the whole thing because I did not feel as though I had kept my stitches tight enough. This was definitely a step up from knitting a scarf; I had to wait until Freya was down for the night before I could start!



I am most proud of teaching my daughter to arm knit, I feel like she did a great job and has a new positive activity to do in her life! Teaching someone really requires thinking about doing something like knitting in a a different way (how can I explain this to a 5 year old? ).


My sixth Arm Knitting Project

My sixth project was to make a garter stitch using a much more difficult wool, it is extremely soft and delicate. I used this tutorial from Simply Maggie. It was very easy to catch on to new stitches now that I was very familiar with the original one. Plus, the casting on is the most difficult and it remains the same with all arm knitting projects.

I feel like there is a definite progression through my learning project journey; I went from not knowing anything about knitting, to teaching myself through YouTube to knit a child’s scarf to a blanket, to teaching my daughter to arm knit a scarf, and finally to learn a different stitch.

I now know that I like to knit, so I will continue to teach myself new stitches and to do more projects with Amilee, and someday Freya. I am thankful for the opportunity to sit down and learn something that I have wanted to learn for a while.




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Summary of Learning

This whole summary of learning assignment really had me nauseous.

I had no idea where to start, how to start, or what to include…..

I started thinking ( and worrying) about this at the beginning of September – I sat down one day a couple of weeks ago and just did it, and it felt good!

I realized how much I have really learned, and how far I have come in my self-confidence with technology.



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