How I contribute to the learning of others, and my personal learning network

I feel as though there as much value (or more) in learning from others as there is in teaching others. I started with such a low competency of technology that I cannot believe how I could have helped anyone further their understanding of it; sometimes in class I was googling terms just to keep up. Any reference to the Pokemon game thingy? Yup, lost me.  I am so happy that I decided to take ECMP 355 because Alec and the rest of the class have really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am so much more knowledgeable in technology now. I feel like this class will help to make me a more engaging teacher (and mother!).

I really enjoyed reading the blogs. I have to admit that some were more interesting to me than others and I definitely followed some people more closely than others. However, it was great to see such  varied interests in such a small group. I was also surprised how many people picked knitting! 

This was the most I have ever participated in Twitter. I was very intimidated by it; but I found it pretty interesting. I participated in #saskedchat; I found meeting the different teachers and their perspectives very interesting, but I also found the format of the conversation difficult to follow at times. I also found a lot of teachers to follow on Twitter and shared and commented on their tweets to keep for future reference.  I also promoted my blog by posting on Twitter when I put up a new post.



So while I know this blog is meant to be focused around how I contribute to the learning of others, I want to make a special mention on how I feel it is more fluid than that- I feel like learning has a more “eb and flow” to it. I have learned so much from Amilee and she has also learned so much from me. Amilee has a completely different personality than I do, I am often amazed as how outgoing she is; I was always much more shy and reserved as a small child (and still am). I also did not like to be too far away from my mom at any moment, this has really never been an issue for her. In my opinion, being a mom is the best job in the world because I get to teach my kids about everything, see them grow and learn, and become little people. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to become a teacher and be able to help other children grow and learn.

Thank you for reading my blog posts!

Merry Christmas!



About roxannwaelchli

I launched this page for the ECMP355 class that will go towards my BEAD program from the University of Regina. I graduated last year with a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am a wife and a mom of 2 girls. Here I will be learning about all things techy, which is very out of my comfort zone! And I will also be blogging about my journey learning how to knit, and then teaching my 5 year old to knit too!
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