Crazy Yarn Lady!

On Friday I had my last doctor appointment with my OBGYN; I had a lot of mixed feelings because it was like a whole chapter of my life potentially has closed forever. I had a lot of complications with my pregnancy so I had to see my doctor once a week for the last 14 weeks, so we were both a little emotional at our good bye.

I am a stress shopper, my doctor appointment mixed with coming to the city by myself with two kids for the first time equals a lot of stress. One of the errands I had to do while in the city was to buy more yarn for my learning project; I was very excited to find that Micheals had yarnwp-1477332957258.jpg on sale!

Stress shopping + yarn sale = everyone is getting a scarf for Christmas!

I seriously felt like a crazy yarn lady! I had an entire cart full of yarn and had to put yarn all around Freya in her car seat! After going through the line and paying for all my yarn, I had no idea how I was going to get 5 GIANT bags of yarn, my infant, and my 5 year old back into my vehicle. Thankfully an older couple asked if they could help me carry my bags. It was such a nice thing for them to do, and I was extremely thankful!

When I got home Saturday I was really excited to start knitting! I picked out a beautiful red yarn for a blanket for my Auntie Connie for Christmas. I found a good tutorial on Simply Maggie,  you can find the link here. I did wp-1477332951447.jpgnot really need to follow the tutorial but I did follow how many stitches she used. After about half the blanket, my arm was getting sore so I put all of stitches off of my arm onto a swiffer stick. I finished the blanket Sunday evening and realized that I had finished off the blanket doing the stitched backwards. I also was not happy with how skinny the blanket was so I decided to unravel the entire thing. I added on 8 more stitches and finished the blanket in about  2 hours. I was not able to keep the stitches as tight as I would have liked to but I am pleased with my first attempt at the blanket.

I have started to teach Amilee how to arm knit! I am excited to share with all of you how it goes! Wish me luck! Have any of you taught something like this to a 5 year old? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Bye for now!



About roxannwaelchli

I launched this page for the ECMP355 class that will go towards my BEAD program from the University of Regina. I graduated last year with a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am a wife and a mom of 2 girls. Here I will be learning about all things techy, which is very out of my comfort zone! And I will also be blogging about my journey learning how to knit, and then teaching my 5 year old to knit too!
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3 Responses to Crazy Yarn Lady!

  1. laceyhapp says:

    Wow thats an awesome blanket! That must have took you for ever to do. I’ve always wanted to arm knit but just haven’t got around to learning it. Can’t wait to see what else you make.


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