Digital Citizenship- What it means to me

There are nine elements of digital citizenship; access, commerce, communication, literacy, etiquette, law, rights and responsibilities, health and wellness, and digital security. According to digiteen, “…digital citizenship can be described as knowing how to behave appropriately and responsibly with regard to technology use.” How to behave appropriately within the web and technology is a very important skill for everyone to have. I feel like issues will arise for younger generations that was never an issue for mine, everyone will need to have a clear idea what is right and wrong.

I found digital health and wellness to be extremely interesting and important part of edtech. Digital health and wellness is the physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world; this includes eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, ergonomic hazards, and/or internet addiction. I can see how any of these can easily happen with me, or others. If a person has a job that requires a lot of screen time, or if someone chooses to play video games could clearly lead to some sort of strain on their eyes, or other ergonomic hazards like tennis elbow or carpel tunnel syndrome. Teaching students the skills they need to protect themselves is extremely important.

Last semester when I was studying for German, which I found very hard and did not enjoy, I had to cancel my Netflix account because I was easily distracted with series of TV shows. I am not sure if that qualifies as an internet addiction, but I knew I had completely separate myself or I would fail my exam. I did not reactivate my account for 5 months and did not have a problem.

There definitely is a need for education in this culture we live in where the internet and technology surround us; we need to learn how to protect ourselves and use technology safely and appropriately. I look forward to learning about how to teach kids the skills they need to help protect their health and wellness while still enjoying all of the benefits technology has to offer!



About roxannwaelchli

I launched this page for the ECMP355 class that will go towards my BEAD program from the University of Regina. I graduated last year with a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am a wife and a mom of 2 girls. Here I will be learning about all things techy, which is very out of my comfort zone! And I will also be blogging about my journey learning how to knit, and then teaching my 5 year old to knit too!
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