So much yarn, so little time!


Creative Tables 2015 “Marie Antoinette”

This week we had a fundraiser in Arcola for the non-profit Look Good, Feel Better which is an organization that helps women going through chemotherapy learn how to do their hair and makeup without hair. Each table has two hostesses who are responsible for decorating the table, serving the guests, and giving each guest a thank you gift. The first year I lived in Arcola my aunt invited me to sit with her at her friends table and I have hosted a table for the past four years. This year I have two aunts that have been diagnosed with cancer, so hosting the table had extra meaning.

This event is so popular that if anyone would like to host a table, they need to tell the organizers almost a year in advance. So I always book for the next year. I had no idea I would have an infant when I booked, but my husband did a great
job! Freya does not like taking  a bottle so she screamed from the time I left until I came home. The first year I was a guest at Creative Tables Amilee was only two months old and Mike was watching her. He had to call me because she would not stop screaming, I came home to find that she was so upset because she had a poopy diaper. It is one of our favourite “new parent” stories.

Thwp-1476658071947.jpgis week I wanted to try making a cowl scarf using two skeins of wool, not one. I had to watch the first part of the YouTube video to remind myself mermaid-blanket-pattern-3-1024x683how to cast on the stitch, but I was able to do the rest from memory. It did not take me very long at all and I feel confident that I can move onto a blanket for next week. I feel like this is my best scarf yet! I w
as looking at arm knitting blanket patterns on the blog “Simply Maggie” and I found a mermaid blanket I would like to make for my little sister for Christmas this year. It had a link to the yarn she used, but I was going to have to pay over $55 in shipping! So I will do some more research to try and find good quality yarn, in Canada!!

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About roxannwaelchli

I launched this page for the ECMP355 class that will go towards my BEAD program from the University of Regina. I graduated last year with a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am a wife and a mom of 2 girls. Here I will be learning about all things techy, which is very out of my comfort zone! And I will also be blogging about my journey learning how to knit, and then teaching my 5 year old to knit too!
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2 Responses to So much yarn, so little time!

  1. cassidyoesch says:

    I love the mermaid blanket. I have a baby niece arriving very soon and that would be a great baby shower gift! I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends up!


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